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Medven village

The picturesque Medven village is located on the southern slopes of Stara Planina in old oak and beech forests. The village has preserved its authentic Renaissance look. In it, you can still feel the bright spirit of the old Bulgarians. A big part of the Medven houses are monuments of culture. Our guests can see the house-museum of the great Bulgarian revolutionary and writer Zahari Stoyanov. In Medven village is the home house of the first Bulgarian national actor Stoyan Buchvarov.

Medven River

Alongside of Medven village runs the picturesque Medven River. It rises 11 km away of the village and is known for its fabulous waterfalls "Jumps" and "Blue Pool", in which pool and adjacent "Female pools" and "Furnaces" you can nicely cool off during the hot summer days. It is declared a landmark and has a height of 7 m and 1.1 ha area.

Reserve "Orlitsa"

Here is also the nature wildlife reserve "Orlitsa" with area of 559,4 hectares. It is set in order to preserve venerable forests of beech-tree of Mizia, the habitats of rare raptors and a unique in its character karst complex with numerous caves, pits, springs and more. Its territory includes also the rock phenomenon "Orlitsata".

Attractions and additional services

Let's turn on the evening of Halloween in three Feast of the pumpkin!

On Friday will celebrate Halloween as cut the lanterns and make masks and decorations for "Ghost Party". Saturday and Sunday will rediscover the pumpkin in folk customs and games ... and in traditional cuisine, of course! We will show that under the armpit can be worn not only watermelons and pumpkin seeds have versatile application ... What is it?

Come - lets forget the nickname meaning "pumpkin" and find the recreational it!

The dates are October 31, 1 and 2 November.